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DyslexiaDyslexia is a neurological disorder that is hereditary and affects the way a person reads, spells and writes. Dyslexia affects at least 15% to 20% of the worldwide population, regardless of age, gender, culture or language. Following an evaluation by a professional specializing in dyslexia, the appropriate treatment will be planned. Children suffering from dyslexia feel confusion, frustration and anxiety. They are often teased by their classmates, leading to poor self-image and even depression. The correct diagnosis, as early as possible, makes a huge difference in the life of a dyslexic child.

Optometrists do not generally diagnose dyslexia, but they detect visual problems that can contribute to reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and may refer to other specialists. Vision therapy can be aneffective method in improving academic performance, but often a multidisciplinary approach with other professionals dedicated to working with these children is the best course of action.